Chakra Jagran Mantra Sadhana Class

Chakra Jagran Mantra Sadhana Class

Kundalini chakra control and maintain our body energy and spiritual power.In All chakra have different - different number of leaf. Basically some leaf of chakra active in our body for our basic needs. Due to some emotion or accident or stresses some leaf sleep.
If any reason your kundli chakra leaf sleeps then your physical and spiritual growth stop. Any one active own chakra by Yoga , Mantra Sadhana , Shaktipaat Diksha etc.
We are provide kundli chakra jagran mantra sadhana. If you want active your chakra join our class and prectice daily own your home.
You can learn in this class :
*What is Kundalini Chakra ?
*How does work Kundalini Chakra ?
*What's need active Kundalini Chakra ?
*Mantra for chakra jagran ?
*Advantage of kundalini chakra jagran ?
*Rule of kundalini jagran mantra sadhana.
Duration : 3 Hours
Fee : INR.5100 per chakra
You can do kundalini chakra sadhana step by step : 1. MULADHAR 2. SWISHTHAN 3. MANIPUR 4.ANHAT 5.VISHUDDHI 6. AGYAA
NOTE : We does not provide any CERTIFICATE in any class.
Mantra sadhana siddhi depend on sadhak's faith and devotion on Guru , Isht and Mantra.

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