Mantra Healing

Mantra Healing

Akshar mantra tantra yantra's mantra healing service. We provide mantra healing for many types of disease e.g.asthma,cancer,diabetes,epilepsy,paralysis,dumb, hyper tension,childless etc.
Mantra healing gives you positive energy for your health. This energy arises from your some leaf of kundlini chakr. Theses chakrs increase your antibody power which keeps you healthy.
This therapy is very effective and there is no side effect .
This therapy takes time, 6-12 months for treatment.
In this regard you need to send your post card size picture and some details e.g. name, mother's name, present contrary name of disease and the duration in which you might suffered from disease and fee.

Note: Mantra Healing work on faith and devotion. So this work very slow. We suggest do not stop your other treatments.

Our Services :

Astrologer : In Astrologer service we read your horoscope and provide astrological solotion for your problem.In astrological solution you can solve your problem by mantra chanting,havan and daan.

Mantra Healing : Mantra Healing is good for NAZAR DOSH.

Distance Reiki Healing : Distance Reiki Healing a way of transfering positive cosmic energy one body to other body.

Past Life Regression :See Your Past and Future Life.

Meditation : Meditation is a method of improving positive energy using cosmic energy.

Spiritual Guidance : We provide you best guidance for your spiritual doubts.

Our Classes :

Basic Mantra Sadhana Class : Learn basic mantra sadhana for basic knowledge of mantra.

Mantra Sadhana Class :Learn mantra sadhana for your wishes.

Reiki Healing Class :Learn reiki healing for unblock your karmic blockage.

Distance Reiki Healing Class : Learn distance reiki healing for sending help to people by reiki.

Meditation Class :Learn Meditation for improving positive energy using cosmic energy.

Past Life Regrasion Class : Learn past life regrasion for your past life history.